July 18, 2024

How to set up Amazon Storefront? A detailed discussion 

Amazon is one of the leading online marketplaces, popular for offering an excellent opportunity to small to large-scale sellers to successfully run their online using their platform. As a promising online seller, if you are driven by this positive approach by Amazon then team up with a renowned Amazon seller consulting agency to Set up Amazon storefront, similar to your business website created on Amazon’s space. 

Having a separate web store for their business is what today’s sellers are intrigued to have on a platform like Amazon witnessing over three million active sellers. Utilize this chance that you receive as a newborn seller to create a strong customer base that will retain on and on by growing an incredible trust in your products. Likewise, by having a storefront account instead of a mere seller account on Amazon, receive an excellent branding opportunity. 

Here, a few steps are discussed to setting up an Amazon Storefront account

Designing & Developing

First thing first, allow the expert web designers and developers at the ecommerce consulting agency you hired to design the storefront on your behalf. Though by following a few steps, anyone can create the store, you can choose the expert web designers and developers in the first place to perform the job with their expertise. They can create the store more marketing-friendly or you can say SEO-friendly in more technical terms. 

 Product placements

The next major work is to place the products you have in store. The marketing team will suggest you put the newly launched or your king products in the first place or put them on the banner. In the next few consecutive pages, you can strategically place the other products.

Opt for strategic Amazon listing optimisation under the supervision of a highly experienced account manager. With fresh product descriptions in the form of Enhanced Brand Content or Amazon A+ or A++ and the latest photographs of the products, you can lure more customers to the store. 

Also, add a few categories and place the products likewise. Customers prefer shopping by clicking on the product category they are looking forward to. 

Focusing on UI & UX of mobile users

Focusing on the UI and UX of mobile smartphone buyers should be on your cards. Let the designers work on improving faster navigation and allow the buyers to see the products and content properly even when they from online from their smartphones.

Branding & Marketing

Signing up with Amazon Brand Registry will be the first step to branding. The Amazon seller consulting agency can go through certain procedures to make your business signed up as a brand. Do this to pave the path for better digital marketing services such as Amazon SEO, Amazon Advertising Services, listing optimization and so on.

Invest in Amazon Advertising Services

Hire a leading Amazon PPC management agency, popular for providing the best Amazon Advertising services. If you’re also keen to invest in Amazon-sponsored ads then the experts can guide you through the process to receive more conversions. Earn higher revenues along with acquiring a brand reputation for your business by investing in Amazon advertising. 

Follow these few steps to successfully set up an Amazon Storefront account for your business.  


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