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Flower Arrangement Tips

Flowers are a versatile gift that can express a wide range of emotions, including love, sympathy, pride, and friendship. Throughout history, flower meanings have changed drastically. Different cultures and time periods have assigned various symbolic meanings to the same flower from florist kuala lumpur.

The language of flowers is an ancient tradition in both China and Japan. Ancient peoples used flowers as a means of expressing their emotions, particularly in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. When Charles XII returned to Europe from exile in Turkey in 1714, he brought with him the language of flowers.

Lady Mary Worley Montague, whose husband was appointed Ambassador to Constantinople in 1710, advocated for the usage of flower talk. (Yes, she is the same Lady Mary who pioneered the smallpox vaccine.)

There were so many flower-related dictionaries available by 1884, when Kate Greenaway drew a language of flowers for children, that it was practically required to send one along with the nosegay or tussy-mussy to make sure the message was clear.

Sending flower gift birthday overseas still requires a written translation to avoid misunderstandings. The following dictionary is an amalgamation of several historical and contemporary references.

AGAPANTHUS, A Lover’s Flower

ALLIUM: Confidence and fortitude (garlic is even better)

Let’s be sweethearts, ANTHURIUM

ASTER: Femininity and refinement; envy; I’ll think about it.

BABY’S BREATH: naivete; softness

Love and celibacy are on the BACHELOR BUTTON.

When you’re apart, you miss each other more. BANKSIA: Down Under.

Send cash (shell out the green), BELLS OF IRELAND only get better with age.

BIRD OF PARADISE: the height of beauty and luck.

CALLA LILY — Stunning Charm

Carnation (red): admired; my sad heart (alas). White symbolises good fortune and undying love. Negativity and scorn are yellow. Assertion of no. Feminine affection is symbolised by the colour pink.

DAISY: I share your sense of wonder and naiveté and tenderness and honesty and loyalty in love.

DELPHIUM: Pleasant; enjoyable; generous; I had a blast

EREMURUS: steadfastness in the face of adversity

EUPHORBIA: Courage; determination

FEVERFEW: Clean hands; quick healing

FREESIA: I admire your consideration and taste.

GARDENIA: I love you, but we can’t be together.


GLADIOLUS: You cut me deep; I admire you; you comfort me when I’m sad.

With IRIS, I send you my greetings, my compliments, my trust, my hope, my wisdom, and my might. best wishes

IXIA: Happy and bright; your eyes are stunning.

The Lily of the Valley symbolises forgiveness, innocence, and rebirth.

Positivity and hope; longevity and contentment; success in school; quiet and relaxation; ease of mind. I adore you, red. The reality is black and white

ORCHIDS: Greatness, beauty, favours, fertility, longevity, good fortune, and luck.

PEONY: Long life and happiness; joyous success; friendship and romance; wedded bliss; modesty and authority

It’s dinner time; there’s stillness (in ancient times, anything uttered under a rose was to be kept secret; sub rosa); and you love each other. The colour red symbolises passion, success, and happiness. Pink symbolises an unrecognised but stunning inner beauty. Jealousy is yellow. White — joyous love; privacy and success

Desperation, SNAPDRAGON

STATUS: Permanent; always yours; eminence in society; accomplishment

STEPHANOTIS: worthy of a throne; exceptional.

TRADING: Inseparable ties

SWEET PEA: Leaving; farewell

SWEET WILLIAM: valour, elegance, and flawlessness, all with a grin

Time will help you heal, YARROW.

Dictionary of Leaves

Amazing Asteraceae Fimbriata

BROOM: Spirit; modesty

CAMELLIA: You have my eternal affection; best of luck. Authentic Perfection

CROTON: You did it!

Huck: Let’s have some fun tonight.


LYCOPODIUM: the secret of perpetual youth, success, and longevity.

MYRTLE = Love, Laughter, and a Joyful Marriage

PITTOSPORUM: Happiness and wealth due to generosity

PODOCARPUS: Perseverance and Mourning

SALAL: Discretion; marital ardour; verve

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