May 29, 2024

Double Eyelid Surgery: Important Tips To Remember

The double eyelid procedure opens the eyelid. Also known as Asian Blepharoplasty, it’s a popular cosmetic procedure that forms creases on the eyelids of those who do not naturally have one. Though this procedure could improve the look of the eyes, it’s vital to follow the proper steps to ensure the safety and success of your results. If you’re considering this procedure, there are a few important steps that must be followed before undergoing the procedure.

Double Eyelid Surgery Precautions

Here are some crucial precautions to take before double eyelid surgery with eyelid opening (ทํา ตา สอง ชั้น เปิด หัว ตา, which is the term in Thai):

1. Consultation And Research:

One of the most essential things is to discover the details about your surgeon prior to choosing one who has been approved by the board and has experience with double eyelid surgery. Set up an appointment with your physician to talk about your goals as well as your expectations and worries.

2. Medical Examining:

Before you undergo your procedure, it is essential to complete thorough medical exams to verify that you’re healthy. It is important to disclose the medical details and medicines you’ve used in the past, as well as any allergies or previous surgeries prior to the surgery you’re having.

3. Lifestyle Changes:

If you are smoking cigarettes, you’ll need to be advised to quit smoking cigarettes two weeks before the procedure. Smoking cigarettes may slow down your body’s healing process as well as increase the risk of developing complications. Stay away from drinking alcohol, along with certain drugs like blood thinners, during the weeks prior to surgery, as they can affect healing and increase the chance that you will be bleeding.

4. Recovery Plan:

Plan transportation to and to the center for the day that the procedure will take place. Make room for recovery in your home with all the required apparatus, such as gauze wrapped in ice and prescription medication. You can ask someone to help with your daily chores during the initial few days after the recovery.

5. Mental Preparedness:

Understand what to expect during surgery and have conversations with your physician about what to expect. Make sure that you’re mentally prepared for the surgery and that you’ve got a system of support in place.

Wrapping Up!

The double eyelid procedure, which involves opening the lids, may boost self-confidence and create more defined eyes. It is essential to perform the procedure safely and with preparation. If you comply with these suggestions before the procedure, you can guarantee the safety of your recovery and your complete happiness with the outcome.

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