May 28, 2024

Bold and Beautiful: How to Style a Red Dress for Women

Red is a bold and vibrant color that exudes confidence and energy. A red dress is a wardrobe staple and style statement for every woman. However, styling a red dress is a bit intimidating. It can instantly elevate the look if dressed rightly. 

Red is the most vibrant colour, but it can be challenging to contrast. With a little bit of experimentation, you can feel more confident. If you are confused about how to pair your red dress, we are here to help you. 

This article will cover tips for styling a red dress that will help you look fashionable and confident. 

Tips for Styling a Red Dress

  • Pair with Neutral Colours

Red is a bold colour and can ruin the look if not balanced correctly. To prevent this, try to pair your red dress with neutral colours such as black, white, beige, or gray. These are the combinations that look best with a green dress as well. But nothing can beat the charm and glamour of your red dress. 

  • Add Metallic Accents

If you want to add more glamour or shine to your red dress, try to add some metallic accents. If you are not sure how to do it, we are here to help. Try to pair your red dress with gold and silver accessories. For example, wear a pair of gold statement earrings, carry a silver clutch, and pair them with metallic heels. It will create a stunning contrast and give you a bold look. 

  • Go Monochrome

Going monochrome is bold and beautiful. That means pair your red dress with the same coloured accessories and shoes. It will create a bold look that will turn everyone’s head towards you. For example, if you are going out for a night out or a late-night party, you can create a daring and confident look with your red dress. How? Pair your dress with a red clutch, red heels, and red lipstick. You can create the same monochrome look with your black dress

  • Keep it Simple

A red dress doesn’t need to be just for a bold look. You can style your dress in various ways to keep it simple. How do I achieve this? Try styling your red dress with simple accessories and shoes. Remember, sometimes less is more when it comes to styling a dress. For a simple look, pair your red dress with minimal jewellery and neutral shoes. For example, wear a red dress with simple stud earrings and a clutch. You can create an elegant and sophisticated look with your red dress. 

You can try the same tips with your white dress.


A red and pink dress is every woman’s favorite. But when it comes to creating a glamorous or daring look, nothing can beat a red coloured dress. It is easy and fun to style your red dress. 

Create a bold and timeless look with the wide range of VERO MODA red dresses. 


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